In order to meet the requirements of the modern business reality and aiming at improving its organization structure in order to offer a higher service level to its Clients, CHONDROS STAVROS & ASSOCIATES. has decided to develop and deploy a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 : 2008 standard. (certificate of approval).

CHONDROS STAVROS & ASSOCIATES policy is to provide Design Studies that meet the requirements of its Clients and are in line with high Quality standards.
Quality specifications shall comply with legal provisions and/or exceed such provisions in case the latter do not meet Client requirements.
In pursuing the above objectives on a long-term basis, the Company:

  • constantly improves its methods and procedures,
  • ensures the rules of ethics are followed by its scientific and other staff,
  • makes constant efforts to achieve Quality perfection on an individual level and ongoing improvement of the Quality MAnagement System.

CHONDROS STAVROS & ASSOCIATES believes that success is measured through the constant satisfaction of its Clients. This objective involves efforts by all staff, from Management to executives, whereby non-compliances are to be investigated and prevented and the Company's production process and Quality System are to be improved. Building a stable relationship of trust with Clients is a main objective of the Company, so constantly monitored and measurable indices and objectives have been developed.

The involvement of all staff and the development of staff initiatives are considered essential for the achievement of the Company's Quality objectives. The staff's ability to express their ideas and submit specific improvement proposals has been established and is considered particularly significant for upgrading the Quality of services provided and strengthening a spirit of intercompany understanding and co-operation.

The Company's objective is to meet Client requirements in the most satisfactory, effective and economical manner, and provide Clients with the certainty that the intended Quality levels are achieved.


Executive Manager