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In 1989 in Patras founded the company "CHONDROS STAVROS & ASSOCIATES". Then it has been developed rapidly expanded its activities throughout Greece, undertaking and establishing numerous studies on behalf of public and private entities.

In 1997, the company has become Limited Company under the name "CHONDROS STAVROS & ASSOCIATES" and currently has degrees studies A.M. GEM 474 Categories : 13 (class A ), 20 (class C ) , 21 (class C ) and 27 (class B ).

Main objective of our company is the development of Geological - Geophysical, Geotechnical, Hydraulic, Hydrogeological Studies, Environmental Impact Studies, Management Studies of Solid and Liquid Waste .

Our company, with extensive experience in subjects concerning geotechnical - geological studies participated in the construction of large surface and underground works (tunnels Tymfristou, Great Perimeter Patras tunnel etc. ) also participated in the House quality Control for the construction of projects addressing large landslide in the area Malakasa that occurred in 1995 .

Headquartered Patras, being fully organized, offering specialized personnel, modern equipment and vast experience accumulated from 20 years of overall functioning of guarantee and assurance capabilities and quality of services it provides.

The philosophy of the Company "CHONDROS STAVROS & ASSOCIATES" aims to provide services that are characterized by Quality, Speed ​​and Economy.

This form gives a summary of the major studies conducted by the research company "CHONDROS STAVROS & ASSOCIATES", either entirely or with various forms of cooperation and we remain at your disposal for a more thorough discussion in areas of concern .